We need stillness in our lives.

Right now, we are living in the era of extremes.

Psychological research has revealed what we intuitively know about developing stillness in our minds:

Cognitive benefits, biological enhancements, neuro-biological changes, equilibrium in the nervous system, balanced transactions in relationships, improved mood and sleep, improved working memory with some studies showing a 17% in the size of the hippocampus region.

The message is clear: training our minds to sit still is upgrading the quality of our lives.

And you don’t have to Ordain as a Buddhist Monk or Nun ( which is what I almost did! )


“Peace comes from within.”- The Buddha

Welcome to The Structure of Stillness meditation classes.

These classes are a beautiful and exquisite blend of Buddhist psychology, mind training, self mastery, psychological research and a good dash of light heartedness.

Learn how simple practices can have a profound and significant impact in your ordinary day to day life.

Learning to meditate can help to master your energy management, upgrade your manifesting power and strengthen your inner peace muscle.

Sunday 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th from 7-8pm GMT 

All are welcome to join these classes. If you are looking to rest your mind, and learn the basics of training your mind, then you have hit on the right space. By being intentional and conscious about how to cultivate stillness in our minds, we move forward into a highly transformational space.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – The Buddha.