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A Bit About Me...

Hi! I’m Julie! I’m a bold and beautiful pioneer for transformation in the world. I help you to become the version of you that you MOST want to be!

A few things about me…I’ve been a practising Buddhist for 17 years (almost ordained as a Nun twice!), got a BA in Psychology, qualified as a Yoga Teacher and then a Feng Shui Expert ( when I say I am ALL IN on transformation… I totally mean it!)

When I turned 40, I met my soulmate, travelled around the world, decided to take full ownership of my gifts, strengths and talents ( hello TRANSFORMATION entrepreuneress!) and began posting videos on Facebook 18 months ago.

Now, I create safe supportive spaces for women & men in the online world with Bootcamps and Challenges. The results are AMAZING!

I’m the world’s BIGGEST introvert, have one millennial son, a foster cat, and a huge lover of travelling!

Using a step by step strategy , I help you to FINALLY start creating the best version of you and living your life on purpose.

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